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About Us

Enable Interactive Technologies is based out of the greater Boston area, USA.

We are a paperless company that prioritizes sustainable business practices.

All payment transactions are handled exclusively electronically.

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Enable Interactive Technologies’ mission is to enhance our users' everyday experiences by bringing video accessibility into the 21st century. From its inception by two lifelong accessibility advocates, EIT is dedicated to proliferating video accessibility for people with disabilities, primarily focusing on attributes for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or visually impaired. The benefits of EIT's customizable captioning software extends to support for color-blind accessibility, as well as dyslexic-friendly fonts.     


Operating within these values, EIT is driven to make a positive impact in society through both our services as well as our ethical business practices. In this, EIT will employ a workforce consisting primarily of people from the disability community, specifically utilizing deaf interpreters and blind advisors, as well as offering to provide our universal viewer to end users free of charge.

Why Video 

With the ever-increasing advancement of technology in the 21st century, and especially post-2020 pandemic, the once limited digital world now encompasses and defines the way that people connect and socialize. Due to the impact of social media and new opportunities for employees to work remotely, all people are now increasingly reliant on digital technologies and media to complete the everyday functions of life.

The Problems with Video Accessibility

Despite recent expansions of accessibility legislation, it has not been possible to fully enact and require video media accessibility for the disabled community. This is because there have previously been no software or companies that could meet the interpreting and captioning demand that such legislation would create. Although these services do exist, most captioning software is limited to certain websites or apps and is not fully customizable for the end user, and all existing interpreting and audio descriptive services are immensely expensive and are not feasible for large-scale creation.


Having identified this dire need for better captioning and interpreting services to make video accessibility possible, EIT has created both a universal captioning software and a global interpreting service network that will allow for the complete proliferation of video accessibility for people with disabilities. 

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